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Hello! I am Barry Flack.

I provide tailored HR solutions for hardworking business leaders, who need affordable expertise, to solve their complex workplace problems, now.

A Fractional HR Executive, Advisor, Interim, Mentor, Trainer and founder of BF Consultancy.
Embedded HR expertise that helps you create a great place to work!
Available, on-demand.

For SMEs who want affordable, embedded, part-time expertise and support, but with full time impact. 

Fractional HR

For Boardrooms, niche consultancies and HR Tech Start-Ups who want access to on-demand expertise on a rolling, or one-off basis. 

Advisory HR

For HR and business professionals who want to learn and grow with mentoring, training and content expertise on their terms. 

Influencing HR

For businesses who want project-based, interim HR expertise to fix a specific time-related business problem.  

Interim HR

My On-Demand HR Services


I simply want to ensure that as many SMEs as possible know how to make great workplaces!


Behind me, is a varied career. One of continuous learning, providing me with the experience, expertise, and trusted network to help get me to this point. I’ve won awards and faced failure in equal measure. Worked with countless CEOs as a board-level HRD, Head of Talent, ER/IR Director, Head of Recruitment  and Learning specialist.  I’ve crossed over to freelancing, in pursuit of more learning and curiosity, and added Product Lead, Workspace Strategist and Technology partner, as I believe they all play their part in creating the best employee experience.

Since 2016,  I’ve got to see close-up, the challenges faced by SMEs in today's rapidly changing landscape. 

Since 2018, I’ve seen the value of providing cost-effective, on-demand, fractional services to the market. Bringing an alternative, affordable service to SMEs that gives access to expertise and experience previously out of reach. I believe it’s a game changer and if you’ve read this far, I hope you do so too.


If you’re interested only in bare minimum legal compliance or want to find creative ways to control and coerce your employees, then I’m not for you. Instead, embed me into your organisation on a fractional, on-demand basis and allow me to grab the people agenda and go through the gears, building a coherent and enlightened workplace, one which drives your business forward.

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