Some of the most successful start-ups have built their success on developing effective relationships with a variety of mentors. With my background, credibility and expertise I can help emerging HR Technology providers build product relevance, awareness and scale in their respective market by :


•    Product build - Providing a critical eye to the vitally important development of the product, its functionality and market positioning from an early stage of the journey that minimizes wasted effort and money.


•   Influencer Marketing - Building brand and industry awareness through an agreed marketing plan helping add credibility and kudos to the sales efforts by pushing content down a variety of channels to market.


•    Partnerships – With access to an established and growing network in the HR Tech space amongst established vendors, competitors, peers, marketers, investors, Government agencies and potential clients, I can help create introductions and partnership discussions to help grow the business.


•    Client voice – As a long term practitioner, I can providing safe ‘voice of the customer’ input as an industry expert on product, workplace trends and organizational knowledge to inform the roadmap.


•    Advisory - Acting in an advisory capacity to HR Tech provider boards to help clarify and navigate the current technology landscape and world of work.


•    Sales – As a truly independent and respected voice in the market, accelerate sales discussions and make recommendations to clients in the buying space keen to invest accordingly.


•    Organisation build – Drawing on my work in the consultancy space I can be both a sounding board and help execute against the business’s organisational growth agenda (i.e hiring, culture, purpose, values, etc).


Clients included Beamery (Recruitment CRM), HiBob (SME HRIS), Clear Review (Continuous Performance Discussions), Predictivehire (Volume assessment).





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