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Interim HR

Service for Business Leaders who want project-based, timeboxed HR expertise, to fix a specific business-related problem..

Change & Transformation

HR Audit, People & Culture Change, Technology Selection & Deployment, Growth to downsizing agendas. 

Augmented Expertise

Subject Matter expertise on deeper HR issues such as Technology deployment, cultural interventions or PM resources. 

Consultancy Associate

Giving credibility, expertise, facilitation & SME resource to established and niche People Consultancy benches, on-demand. 

When you need an experienced, freelance HR expert for a defined project, over a defined period of time.  


Russell Atkinson
Lebara Mobile

"Barry has had a major impact on HR at Lebara in his time here. Under his leadership the function has transformed and introduced a professional framework and infrastructure that will allow Lebara to continue to grow its people and business at the tremendous rate that it has."

Deven Ghelani
Policy in Practice

"Barry came to our organisation at a difficult time of our growth and helped me as the CEO navigate the Target Operating Model challenge, and solve the associated tough cultural issues that go with it, with expertise and empathy galore. "
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